Accelerate IoT Projects with Our No-Code Software Solution

IoTize No-Code Software Solution for Mobile and Cloud Connectivity

Creating connected sensors, appliances, or machines?

Your product designers are faced with a complex IoT technology landscape. This increases software design effort, which creates risks and lengthens the time-to-market of new IoT products.

Our no-code / low-code embedded software and tool ecosystem overcomes that complexity. It combines robust, secure connectivity with configurable embedded software and a complete software design environment. Our embedded software pre-implements everything that's required in your IoT products. Where customization is needed, our software tools help designers add the java code they need to adapt to the most specific data handling or cloud requirements with minimum effort and risk.

Give your designers the solution and tools that accelerate projects and guarantee results.


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IoTize Lines of No-Code Wireless Modules and Devices

A Single Software Solution for 4 Product Lines

No-code / low-code approach accelerates creation of new devices, and retrofit of industrial systems.

Our software and tool ecosystem provides everything that designers and technicians need to connect devices and equipment to mobiles and to the cloud. It overcomes technical hurdles, eliminates the need for coding, yet allows for extensive customization to fit a wide range of consumer and industrial use cases.

This solution is at the core of four ranges of wireless devices that feature Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth (BLE), Wi-Fi, LoRa, LTE-M and NB-IOT. These lines include:

  • OEM wireless modules for native integration in embedded electronics,
  • Industrial Wireless-Modbus adapters for retrofit of existing systems and equipment,
  • Industrial data acquisition modules with digital and analog I/O for manufacturing and building systems.


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They chose IoTize for No-Code IoT...

Our no-code IoT solution is equally suited to designers of new electronic systems, and for retrofit of industrial systems for the IIoT. Since its inception in 2017, our solution has been supporting design teams in companies of all sizes in industries ranging from energy distribution and industrial automation, to home appliances.

Schneider Electric iotizes for energy and automation networks

Schneider Electric, global specialists in integrated solutions for energy management and automation iotizes with NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for efficient testing and maintenance. Learn more...

Air Liquide iotizes for industry and health care

Air Liquide, specialists in gas storage and delivery systems for industry iotizes sensor networks and industrial controls with NFC, Wi-Fi and LTE-M. Learn more...

Cotherm iotizes for HVAC and heating

Cotherm, specialists in integrated thermostatic controls iotizes with NFC to offer rapid, efficient programming for heating appliances. Learn more...


IoTize's Mael Colas and Francis Lamotte


IoTize is an innovating start up and French Tech member company. Headquartered in the Inovallée in the Grenoble metropolitan area, IoTize benefits from a deep culture in digital, wireless and microelectronic technologies that are all essential components of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Founded in 2017, the IoTize R&D team works with industry leading partners in microelectronics and digital security to provide our clients a no-code solution that dramatically reduces the risks, and effort associated with migrating existing electronic systems to the IoT.

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Duetware-based Wireless Modules and Adapters

TapNLink Wireless Modules for NFC, Bluetooth / BLE, Wi-Fi, LoRa
TapNLink Wireless Modules

The perfect component for integrating wireless in your electronic design !

Connects directly to microcontrollers and sensors to add secure, wireless (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa) for connection to mobiles (Android, iOS or Windows 10) or the cloud.

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TapNPass Modbus-Wireless Adapters (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi)
TapBus Modbus Wireless IO Modules

New programable power and IO modules for creating or retrofitting industrial IOT systems !

They combine RS485 or Ethernet and Modbus® support with wireless for connection to mobile apps (Android, iOS or Windows 10) and to cloud platforms.

Get Modbus wireless IO modules here... Discover TapNPass


Tapioca Wireless-Modbus Adapters (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa)
Tapioca Wireless-Modbus Adapters

The ideal add-on for industrial wireless retrofit !

Plugs into serial fieldbus (RS-232, RS-485 or USB) and Modbus® ports to add secure, wireless (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa, LTE) for connection to mobiles (Android, iOS or Windows 10) or the Cloud.

Get Modbus wireless adapters here... Discover Tapioca



What's New

Discover No-Code Solutions for Smart Buildings & Metering !

Discover No-Code Solutions for Smart Buildings & Metering !

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Mobile HMIs per Drag & Drop auf Smartphones erstellen

Mobile HMIs per Drag & Drop auf Smartphones erstellen

Ohne Programmieren eine Mensch-Maschine-Schnittstelle auf dem Smartphone erstellen – das will die französische Firma IoTize mit ihrer Software ermöglichen.

Discover the No-Code Advantage with EasyEngineering

Discover the No-Code Advantage with EasyEngineering

No-code / low-code IoT Solution supports your company's profitability and sustainability while accelerating your Iot projects.

Duetware No-Code IoT Solution at CES 2024

Duetware No-Code IoT Solution at CES 2024

Learn how IoTize takes the challenges and risks out of creating mobile and cloud connected devices that meet your customers' expectations for ease-of-use, efficiency and sustainability!