Plug'n Play Connectivity

IoTize Plug'n Play Connectivity

IoTize™ minimizes the expertise, effort, time and risks associated with integrating IoT connectivity in your existing system design.

First, IoTize modules combine a co-processor with wireless communication and security technologies. Our co-processor manages communications with the processor / microcontroller in your system via its debug port or a system bus. You simply configure the IoTize module with the location an access parameters for the variables that you need to access.

IoTize is also a complete infrastructure for getting data to an information appliance or to a Cloud service platform. The complete IoTize solution provides everything you need:

  • to develop smartphone-based user interfaces for your system
  • to connect the system to a LAN/WAN
  • to transfer data from your system to a Cloud service platform
  • to secure data and access to your system

IoTize encapsulates all of the features and technologies for these so that adding connectivity requires little expertise and no changes to the native hardware or software of your system.

Plug It In

IoTize-M modules plug directly into system processor’s debug port to add connectivity without modifying the systems’ native hardware or software. If your system can't be deployed with an open debug port, IoTize offers the same functionality on any two GPIOs of your system processor with our S3P protocol. The IoTize-M module's co-processor non-intrusively monitors and writes the addresses that you've configured.

IoTize-S modules connect directly into a system bus via RS232, RS485, CAN* or Ethernet* ports. The IoTize-S module's co-processor monitors and writes only to memory addresses that are accessible via the system bus.

Configure It

In addition to its co-processor, IoTize modules implement one or more wireless interfaces and security features. Data access in the target system, access restrictions, communication and security features are all implemented via a simple configuration of the module. Configuring an IoTize module includes specifying the target, the data to be monitored/written, access rights, and security or authentication features. The configuration process only takes a few minutes in IoTize Studio. This unique approach means that:

  • no re-coding of your system's firmware is necessary
  • no coding is required to implement any IoTize features
  • no re-qualification of your system's native functionality is required
  • no new expertise in wireless communications, security features or networking is required
IoTize for Rich User Interfaces


Once it is configured, IoTize provides a bridge between your system and a smartphone or a WAN/LPWAN gateway via a variety of wireless communication interfaces. IoTize supports smartphone connectivity via Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth Classic and WiFi. IoTize supports WAN/LPWAN connection via WiFi and LoRa. IoTize is also fully compatible with any other wireless technologies including GSM, SigFox, WMBus, etc., thus enabling integration of systems into virtually any network infrastructure.