IoTize Studio

IoTize Studio

TapNLink and TapNPass radio modules must be configured for the target application that they will be connected to. Configurations are created, tested and managed using the IoTize Studio environment on a Windows-based PC.

Single Environment for Configuration

IoTize Studio provides a graphical interface to access to all the parameters related to connecting to modules, configuring them, verifying their configuration and publishing the configuration results.

No additional software or specialized hardware tools are required through the configuration and testing process.

Intuitive Management of Variables

A key to the configuration is identifying and setting parameters for the variables in the target system that will be accessed and logged via the IoTize radio modules. This includes:

  • Identifying variables of interest
  • Defining local access control
  • Defining Cloud logging parameters

For TapNLink modules that direct-connect to a target system's microcontroller (MCU), IoTize Studio imports the object file (ELF format) of the target MCU application. This serves as the reference for variables, their type and their location in the MCU's memory. Adding them to the configuration is as easy as dragging and dropping the variables into the configuration panel (IOTZ Explorer). The user organizes variables in groups called "bundles" and thus structures the resulting graphical user interface, and associates variables with access rights and data logging parameters.

For TapNPass modules that connect to the target system's bus, IoTize Studio provides an intuitive interface for manually entering a memory mapping of the variables that can be accessed via the bus.

Integration of Configuration, Testing & Publishing Process 

In the initial steps of configuration, users select variables and set access controls. Their choices result in a configuration file and an HTML-based graphical user interface (GUI). Users have immediate visualization of the results of their choices in the HTML visualization panel.

With the click of a button, configuration can be transferred to the TapNLink or TapNPass radio module. The GUI can be tested thanks to the direct connection between the PC and the target application via the radio module.

Modifications are made quickly and easily to the configuration with automatic re-generation of the HTML-base GUI with each change. This allows design teams to adjust and evolve their configuration rapidly and without risk while validating their proof-of-concept.

In IoTize Studio, the HTML visualization panel also allows debugging of the resulting HTML5 code. Users can continue to evolve the resulting GUI adding graphical representations of the data from their target system. The resulting HTML files can fully compatible with other application design software.

With the click of a button, users can transfer their files to a server where they are available for testing on a smartphone or tablet PC. This mechanism makes it easy to share the resulting app with users and customers during validation and even for app deployment.

Try IoTize Studio and TapNLink Primer Today

IoTize Studio is a free software provided to all IoTize product users and can be used with any of our  radio modules. With the TapNLink Primer NFC/Bluetooth Low Energy evaluation platform and IoTize Studio, you can iotize any microcontroller-based system today. Give it a try and don't miss out on those IoT opportunites.