Our Mission - to iotize embedded systems!

to iotize

To enable the Internet of Things (the IoT) by adding networking connectivity to existing electronic systems which were not previously designed to allow such connections.

Iotize is a call to action. It is a call to connect embedded systems and their capabilities to the users who need them and to the builders and suppliers who support them. It is a call to share the capabilities, the advantages, the power of the systems that we have already designed in this new communicative environment that we call the IoT.

To support companies and help them move rapidly and surely to the promise of this connected future, we provide IoTize. IoTize maximizes the ease and security of integrating connectivity into any product with microcontroller-based electronics. IoTize leverages existing radio technologies and the on-chip monitoring resources of a system's application processor (the microcontroller) so that companies can implement connectivity without redesigning their systems and with no new expertise. With its configure-to-connect approach, IoTize™ shortens time-to-market of IoT enabled products from many months to only a few short weeks.